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Michael Darby Biography

Michael Darby

Financial Advisor

Cuyahoga Falls Office

Before joining the Cavalena Team at Raymond James Financial Services, Michael Darby was a registered financial advisor at Morgan Stanley/Dean Witter for over 12 years.


His educational background includes Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Finance from Kent State University. He is licensed and qualified to advise clients on a full range of investments including stocks, bonds and mutual funds. In addition, Mike holds a State of Ohio license for advising clients on the purchase of life insurance and annuities.

If you ask him to define his job, his answer might surprise you. “My job is helping to preserve the wealth of my clients. Sure, I want to help them increase the value of their portfolios, too, but only after I’ve exercised the steps necessary to help assure, they maintain the value of the next eggs they’ve worked so hard to build.”

“Before we make any recommendations, we do our homework,” Mike explains, “We do an extensive interview upfront to get to know each client: their plans and needs, their hopes, dreams, and aspirations. Each client is as different as a fingerprint. Younger ones can be more aggressive. And older ones may need to focus more on monthly income than capital appreciation. But being aggressive doesn’t mean we have to be reckless. And, being conservative doesn’t mean we give up growth in value. The only common denominator is that I take a prudent approach, carefully selecting a balance of investments and giving them the chance to work overtime.”


Mike said the main thing that brought him over to The Cavalena Team at Raymond James is the emphasis on client service and client education. “Educating clients on why each investment is selected and how it’s designed to produce the results they want is the most important thing we do.”


“In addition, I liked the way we handle monthly statements at The Cavalena Team. Each client receives reports that are complete and easy to understand. They can see clearly how each investment is performing, not just a monthly snapshot but also annually and measured against prior years. That’s important because and informed client is a confident client, a person who knows we are always working in his or her best interests.”


Mike resided in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio. As a lifelong resident of Greater Akron, he is actively involved in community organizations including Habitat for Humanity.

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