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Building Your Trust from Day One

Great service begins by thoroughly understanding your needs and plans for the future. So, as a critical first step, we sit down and work with you. We don’t do all the talking. We listen to you. We make sure that no important consideration is overlooked. After this planning meeting, we do the necessary research and comparative analyses of various investment options. Then we report back to you with recommendations on the overall investment strategy and specific investments.

The result is a complete financial management plan, a plan that can fit your goals, your comfort level for risk, and one you thoroughly understand. After your plan is implemented, our detailed reporting system keeps you informed every step of the way. You’ll find that we are sticklers about keeping our clients informed every step of the way. With knowledge comes confidence, confidence that your account is being managed carefully, and responsibility.

Where Teamwork Goes to Work for You

At The Cavalena Team at Raymond James, each client is assigned a Registered Representative to plan and manage his or her account. Your Registered Representative is not the only professional who is available to help you. We routinely share market information, ideas, and observations that can improve service. We all work together as a TEAM to help you reach your goals.

Integrity: Our Most Valuable Asset

We take pride in our knowledge, and experience as financial services professionals. Expertise and experience, however, mean nothing without integrity. The trustworthiness of your Registered Representative must be without question. The highest standards of honesty and ethical behavior must be maintained.

It’s All About You

At The Cavalena Team at Raymond James, integrity means everything we know and everything we do is all about you. Your best interests are always our number one priority. That’s how we earn your trust and keep it, each day, every day, from day one.

Investing involves risk and may incur a profit or loss regardless of strategy selected.

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