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John Byler

Registered Representative


Millersburg Office

John Byler is a Certified Public Accountant and Raymond James Investment Adviser Representative with over 22 years of experience. His ability to combine the disciplines of accounting with the insights of financial planning creates important advantages for Raymond James clients.

As a CPA, John can see opportunities for tax savings and capital preservation that may go unrecognized by professionals without his training. As a CPA, he can also analyze investments with the forensic eye of an auditor, which can expose problems or reveal potential value others may overlook or not appreciate.

John Byler Biography

As a Financial Planner, John can look at the picture from a finely turned, personal perspective. What are the goals, short and long term? What is the comfort level for risk? Is there enough insurance protection? Are wills written and notarized? What about savings for future needs such as college education for children, and for emergencies? He asks the smart questions that lead to intelligent solutions — solutions that go beyond investing to help his clients achieve financial independence.

“Training, education and experience and all-important,” John says. “But so is the relationship I build with each client. Clients need to trust their financial advisors — trust us enough to reveal all the information we need to help them — and trust us enough so that they follow the advice we give them. This trust is something I earn every day by putting my clients’ interests first and foremost in the equation. This is not just somebody’s money. It is somebody’s life.”

John earned degrees in Accounting and Finance at Malone College. He is also a member of the Ohio Society of Certified Public Accountants and the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants. Hi is a licensed private pilot and a Board Member of the Holmes County Airport Authority. John is married and enjoys outdoor activities with his wife Connie and their two children.

Tax & Accounting Services are provided by John Byler and not offered through Raymond James Financial Services. Raymond James does not offer tax or accounting services.

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