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Why do clients from all over come to The Cavalena Team at Raymond James Financial Services? It’s the people behind the name.

Tired of those automated phone service menus?
Tired of being put ‘on hold’ for what seems to be an eternity?
Tired of being paid attention to only when you’re asked to buy something?

Maybe it’s time you meet people who don’t march to the same old tune.
Maybe it’s time you meet us: The Cavalena Team at Raymond James Financial Services.

Larry Cavalena working at The Cavalena Team at Raymond James

We are the Cavalena Team at Raymond James Financial Services which has earned the trust of hundreds of discerning individuals who represent numerous different occupations and walks of life. Our clients not only come from throughout our home state of Ohio. They also come to us from all across America.

We will work to earn your trust, too, the same way we earned theirs — by firmly adhering to the following principles:

We believe in intelligent, thoroughly researched and highly personalized financial management, tailored precisely to fit the financial goals and special needs of each individual client.

We believe that caution is always the better part of any investment strategy. To us, capital preservation as well as growth, is a critical part of any investment plan.

We believe that portfolio allocations should be carefully balanced because this strategy greatly reduces volatility and risk under changing economic climates.

We believe in service, too — service that is always prompt and courteous, service backed by integrity that always puts our client’s interests first.

Raymond James allows us to utilize the vast resources of one of the world’s most trusted and respected names in financial services. This includes in-depth, timely research, state-of-the-art information and reporting technology, plus and a full range of financial products.

Raymond James gives us full independence in the products we recommend. We are free to be client oriented, not sales oriented.

These principles and resources are the keys to our success. That’s why our clients stick with us through bull markets and bear markets. That’s why they stay with us and refer us to others even when they move out of state or out of the country.

Now, we invite you to learn more. Look through the enclosed information. Talk to your friends and business associates who know us.

You’ll find that no one will work harder to help manage your money. And nobody will work harder to help achieve your financial goal

Services We Provide

  • Growing Wealth

  • Preserving Wealth

  • Retirement Planning

  • Providing For Family

  • Managing My Estate

  • Working With An RJ Advisor

  • Investment Solutions

  • Financial & Retirement Planning

  • Estate, Charitable Giving, Trust Services

  • Financial Second Opinion


The Cavalena Team
at Raymond James Financial Services
Dedicated to Helping You Guard Your Capital
and Manage Your Wealth

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